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About Alona Gorer Tango dresses

Start with passion, times two.

Alona Gorer's profound experience in Argentine tango is rivaled only by her life-long dedication to custom dress design. As a professional fashion designer with degrees from Ukraine, Israel, and USA, and over 20 years' experience in the apparel industry, Alona is uniquely qualified to turn inspirations and dreams into reality.

Alona draws great pleasure from letting her creative ideas go through all stages — from inception to sketches, from patterns to first fittings, from embellishments to last touches, and, finally, to a beautiful tango.

Add creativity and imagination.

Alona thrives on designing unique dresses. No two dresses by Alona are the same, and no design is sold more than once. Every dress is custom-designed and hand-made.

Alona Gorer Tango dresses are uncompromising in every detail. The designs are made with the client's figure in mind, to present, emphasize, highlight, as well as hide and conceal appropriately.

Alona Gorer Tango dresses boldly and tastefully combine features such as slits, open back, asymmetric hems, and insets to make a lasting impression that does not fade in time.

Mix in the best of ingredients.

Alona Gorer Tango dresses feature the best of materials, including lace, mesh, silk, velvet, lycra, charmeuse, and satin. The lavish embellishments and appliques may include embroidery, rhinestones, and beading.

Apply a few trade secrets.

Alona is uniquely qualified to both recognize the unusual demands of performance dresses and provide the secret ingredients to meet those demands.

Alona Gorer Tango dresses fit like second skin. They are comfortable and dynamic in movement, yet stable and not slipping under even the toughest performance conditions. They hug the curves and sit perfectly without wrinkling or bunching. The built-in leotards allow the owner complete freedom for lifts, jumps, and high kicks.

The seams are hidden inside, ensuring that high heels do not catch on anything in those important moments of starlight. The dresses can be designed to go on over the head, or over the feet, allowing for performance make-up and hair style to be uncompromised when slipping into the performance dresses.

Delight and woo.

Alona Gorer Tango dresses have been the choice of professional and amateur performers, as well as casual dancers, all over the world, including USA, Germany, and Russia. They have delighted their owners and their owners' audiences at milongas, in competitions, in performances, and on stage, including in Buenos Aires.

When in need of a lavish high-end dress that stands out in a group, seduces and dazzles, and leaves the audience in awe, an Alona Gorer Tango dress is a sure choice.

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