Alona Gorer Tango


Alona Gorer started her training in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of six, folk dance at the age of twelve, and modern dance at the age of fifteen.

Alona fell in love with tango after seeing the “Forever Tango” show in New York City. Since then she has studied with numerous local and visiting teachers. Most notably, she has studied extensively with Santiago Croce. Alona has enjoyed her studies with Fabian Peralta and Josefina Bermudez, and Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni.

Alona's preferred dancing style is a shade of Tango Salon, characterized by utmost elegance.

Alona enjoys many flavors of Argentine tango, including social, stage, and group choreorgaphy. With a number of partners, she has performed at numerous public events, and has frequently been a featured performer at milongas. In the past, she has performed with Christy Cote's performance group.

Since 2012 Alona is partnered with Leo Landa. Leo and Alona frequently train, compete, perform, and teach together.

Leo and Alona have competed in the coveted “Tango Salon” category (since 2013  also known as “Tango de Pista”) of the  Official Argentine Tango USA Championship (ATUSA). Leo and Alona are five-time ATUSA finalists (2013—2017).

Leo and Alona took part in stage productions. They are co-creators and stars of the tango show “Nostalgias de Tango,” written by Leo. “Nostalgias de Tango” is a collaboration with the Argentine tango band “Tangonero” and singers Claudio Ortega and Irina Martineau. Leo and Alona are featured dancers in Tiziana Perinotti's “Love Junkies the Musical,” working alongside some of the top Argentine tango talent in the San Francisco Bay Area — Count Glover, Lisette Perelle, Ramada Salieri, and Sonya Nagaslaeva.

Leo and Alona have taught group classes, private classes, and small group semi-private class series. Their approach to teaching is systematic and methodical, with in-depth focus on technique of even the most basic of concepts.

Alona's passion for Argentine tango is rivaled only by her passion for one-of-a-kind custom performance dress design. Alona Gorer Tango dresses are unique works of art which have found their audiences all over the world, including Buenos Aires.

Alona currently resides in the South Bay, but can be frequently found at various milongas throughout San Francisco Bay Area.